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Ian Axel – This Is The New Year

Article on Ian from We All Want Someone To Shout For:


I’m enjoying this song “This Is The New Year” from hot rising New York City artist Ian Axel. He’s experienced a quick rise to fame since MTV’s new show, I Used To Be Fat picked it as it’s theme song. For all you hipster snobs out there, don’t rule the song out because of that. This song has genuine heart and soul, and I don’t think many people can deny that. Ian reminds me a bit of a younger Ben Folds.

This is a song that has potential to be a chart topping hit. It’s well written, has a catchy melody that’s just waiting to be discovered, and it flirts with the dramatic. This is that type of song that you will hear on the radio in a few months and remember when you first discovered it. It’s already clearly been recognized, but I have a feeling that Ian Axel’s rise to fame has only just begun.

“This Is The New Year” has all the qualities of a hit song that will have legs. You will be hearing a lot of it in the next few months. You can’t help but root for a guy like Ian Axel who has clearly worked his ass off to get to this point.

Ian Axel: 3 Year Old Piano Prodigy Got His Start in Apple Store and Turns Into Big Time Happy Pop Singer

Love this article on Ian from Dano Buzz:


I was recently introduced to Ian Axel and love his track “This is the New Year” which got great reviews in AOL PopEater and was an NPR Song of the Day.

iTunes selected the record as an official Indie Spotlight pick, and even Rachael Ray had him on her show back in January (Check it out here). “This is the New Year” is out now digitally and will be released on CD April 12 via tinyOGRE Entertainment.

Ian will tour select U.S. dates this winter. Keep an eye on his Facebookand Twitter for updates.

“One of the most fun things about Ian is that you can watch him play piano when he was 3 years old on YouTube: check this out

Got His Start at an Apple Store

When Ian decided he wanted to try and make it as a performer in New York, and he started with a gig at the Apple Store. His bosses caught wind of his musical talents. Apple invited him to perform at dozens of stores around the country, and began including Ian’s songs “Afterglow” and “We Are” on the playlists of hundreds of Apple Stores worldwide. Later, iTunes went on to select the title track, “This is the New Year,” as their free Discovery Download.

Check out VEVO’s “The Next Wave” emerging artist channel to see the video for the album’s title track, which currently serves as the theme song for the hit MTV documentary series “I Used to Be Fat” and has over 1,000,000 views across YouTube and VEVO.

Ian Axel’s ‘Powerful’ (SPIN) Debut This Is The New Year Out Now To Killer Reviews featured this article on Ian!:


New York, NY(Top40 Charts/ Shore Fire Media) Word is out about rising star Ian Axel, with SPIN Magazine and AOL PopEater touting his breakout this month, and his debut album, This is the New Year, earning steady critical praise. iTunes selected the record as an official Indie Spotlight pick, and Rachael Ray invited the young piano crusader to make his national television debut on her program in January (See it here: This is the New Year is out now digitally and will be released on CD April 12 via tinyOGRE Entertainment.

Check out VEVO’s “The Next Wave” emerging artist channel to see the video for the album’s title track, which currently serves as the theme song for the hit MTV documentary series “I Used to Be Fat” and has over 1,000,000 views across YouTube and VEVO:

Ian will tour select U.S. dates this winter, including the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia March 12. See below for some recent critical raves and upcoming dates:

"A voice that possesses the sweetness of youth, the stubbornness of a teenager and the swagger of a rock star." - NPR Song of the Day

"[The] next big thing… powerful" - SPIN

"Uninhibited, freewheeling, straight-from-the-gut" - New York Magazine

"Inspiring & charming piano-pop" - AOL PopEater

"In a word: exuberant" - The Aquarian Weekly 

Piano Axellence: Ian Axel at The Space in Hamden on March 3rd

Love this article about Ian on New Haven Advocate!

Ian Axel goes from “The Real World” to the real world


Ian Axel: Expansive piano pop stylings, evocative lyricism.

Truly creative people cannot resist their muse, whenever it strikes, whatever form it takes. For rising piano pop star Ian Axel, the time was age three and his inspiration came from the classic bar scene in the epic movie about a boy and his bike, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

“My grandma had a piano and I started playing ‘Tequila’ by ear,” says Axel from his Brooklyn, N.Y., home. “Then I started playing other things by ear and writing. I spoke that language right away. The piano has always been an extension of me.”

The New Jersey native took childhood piano lessons (“They didn’t like me; I wasn’t disciplined,” he says), shifting toward classical piano as a teenager. Axel considered a conservatory but, in his words, “freaked out,” and enrolled at New York University. Four years after graduation, Axel is celebrating the physical release of This is the New Year (on tinyOGRE Records); his debut album was self-released digitally last year.

“We were able to do some artistic, creative things that we weren’t able to do before,” says Axel. “We remixed and remastered it, I went back and re-recorded vocals on a couple of songs, we rearranged some stuff. We were very careful. There was some freaking out on my part, but I think we made it stronger.”

In either configuration, Axel has generated overwhelmingly positive buzz regarding his expansive and naively sophisticated piano pop stylings. Although Ben Folds is an often too-obvious reference point, Axel earns frequent comparisons to Harry Nilsson and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and is flattered by his inclusion in their company.

“I listen to them, I think about them for maybe a second and then I let them go,” says Axel. “It’s awesome that I’m compared to these people who are incredible at what they do. Ben Folds was a huge influence on me when I started playing rock piano, but I try not to watch Ben anymore because he’s mastered what he does. I’m just trying to figure out what my thing is. We all have our own thing, that light that makes us who we are.”

Axel shares his musical journey with college friend, collaborator and kindred spirit Chad Vaccarino, who joins him in the studio and on stage. When Axel emphatically insists that Vaccarino changed his life, it’s clear that he’s not merely spouting press-kit hyperbole; before meeting Vaccarino, Axel dreamed of performing his songs publicly but had only written and played for himself, and had never sung, not even in the shower. Immediately after they met, Vaccarino gifted Axel a vocal lesson from one of New York’s most prominent voice coaches, who completely encouraged his singing aspirations.

“You know when you meet somebody and you just know they’re going to be important to you?” says Axel. “I felt that way with him. I was looking for a musical collaborator and I sort of forced myself on him. I dragged him into my practice room and played him what I was writing, and he said, ‘You’re going to sing these songs.’ I felt like I was born; it totally changed my perspective.”

For nearly three years, Axel balanced his Apple Store day job with gigging around New York; ultimately, Apple utilized Axel’s musical talents nationwide by having him play corporate events and store openings. Axel left Apple last spring to pursue music full time, sparked by, among other things, the enthusiastic patronage of MTV. Songs from his 2007 EP, I’m on to You, were used on “The Real World” and “The Hills,” and the new album’s title track is the theme song of their latest reality show, “I Used to be Fat.” With his new focus on more traditional touring, Axel’s evocative lyricism and effervescent yet melancholy soundtrack is gaining a whole new audience.

“I feel like this is the most important thing I could possibly be doing right now,” says Axel. “I’m ready and willing to do it and we’re going to be doing a lot of it.”

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